The Top Reasons For Using A Speeding Solicitor

Once you have been cited for driving over the speed limit, there are several different things that can occur. The penalties and fines will be different depending upon how fast you are driving over the speed limit. There are other options such as taking a speed awareness course, one that you will have to pay for, in lieu of receiving fixed penalty points or a fine. If this is not your first offense, it is highly recommended that you contact a speeding solicitor that can help people that are very close to losing their license to drive. Here are a few of the top reasons that you should use motoring offense solicitors that can represent you before you go to court.

speeding solicitor

How Are These Speeding Offence Solicitors Able To Help?

They are able to help you in a couple of different ways. First of all, they will understand the language of the court. When questions are presented, they will provide the most relevant answers, ones that will help you get a lower penalty. These professionals are very helpful when you have had one or more offenses before. The courts are typically less lenient with offenders that have broken the law multiple times, and these attorneys might be able to help you reduce your penalties and fines.

How Much Can You Be Fined For Speeding?

The amount you are fined for driving over the speed limit will depend on how fast you are driving. You are placed into something called Band A which means you are driving just 10 mph or less over the speed limit. You could receive a minimum fine of 25% of your weekly income, or as much as 75% for a maximum. This progressively gets worse for those that were driving excessively fast, with a maximum penalty of £1,000 if you were not on a motorway. This gives the speeding solicitor room to work with negotiating how much you will be charged. They can also try to reduce the fixed penalty points that you will receive. You will need to find a competent motoring offense solicitor, and that can be done by looking no further than the Internet.

How To Find Motoring Solicitors On The Web

When you search for speeding solicitors online, you will see several different websites in the search results. Some of them will be placing advertisements which will be at the top of the page. You will also see organic listings for many of the others. By going to each of these websites and evaluating the services that they offer, you can set appointments with several of them to speak over the phone. These are typically free consultations, and they can also tell you how much it will cost to retain their services prior to going to court. You can select one based upon how much they charge or their reputation. You can also look at the comments they have received on the web. All of this will help you choose the right motoring offense solicitor that can represent you in a court of law.

If you are facing yet another speeding ticket, you will certainly need a motoring offense solicitor on your side. You can find one quickly, and once they have prepared for your case, you can feel confident that they will help reduce either your penalty or the points.

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